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Crack XNote Stopwatch 1 66 23

XNote Stopwatch 1.66.23 - A Professional Stopwatch and Timer for Windows

If you are looking for a versatile and flexible digital stopwatch, countdown timer, or clock software for your PC, you may want to check out XNote Stopwatch 1.66.23. This software is helpful for timekeepers at sport competitions, time tracking of work, or even as a metronome. It has a digital display like handheld stopwatches and clocks, and it can also be minimized to the system tray or run in full-screen mode.


XNote Stopwatch 1.66.23 is the latest version of the software, released on April 14, 2023. It has some new features that make it more powerful and user-friendly than ever before. Here are some of the highlights of this version:

  • It supports LCD/VFD/LED external displays, which can show the time in large digits and different colors. This is useful for events where the audience needs to see the time clearly.

  • It can use Windows Media Player as an external time source, which means it can synchronize with the playback of audio or video files. This is handy for situations where you need to measure the duration of a media file or use it as a reference.

  • It has a jumping clock feature, which allows you to adjust the time by adding or subtracting seconds, minutes, hours, or days. This is convenient for correcting errors or testing scenarios.

  • It has a revolutions per minute (RPM) option, which can calculate the speed of rotating objects based on the number of snaps per minute. This is beneficial for measuring the performance of motors, wheels, fans, etc.

  • It can display the last snap time in an interleaving manner, which means it can alternate between showing the current time and the last snap time. This is helpful for comparing the results of different laps or intervals.

XNote Stopwatch 1.66.23 is a "try-before-you-buy" software, which means you can download and use it for free without any time limit. However, if you want to use it without any limitations of the free evaluation version, you need to purchase a license. The prices start from 49, depending on the number of licenses and features you need.

If you are interested in XNote Stopwatch 1.66.23, you can download it from the official website. You can also find more information about the software, such as its features, screenshots, user manual, forum, and contact details on the website. XNote Stopwatch 1.66.23 is compatible with Windows XP/Vista/7/8/10 and requires minimal system resources.

XNote Stopwatch 1.66.23 is a professional stopwatch and timer for Windows that can meet your various needs and preferences. Whether you need it for sports, work, or entertainment, you can rely on this software to provide you with accurate and convenient time measurement and management.


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