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God Of War Tumatauenga Full Movie

God Of War Tumatauenga Full Movie

God Of War Tumatauenga is a fan-made movie project based on the Maori mythology of Tumatauenga, the god of war. The movie is set in the year 2030, when Maori culture has almost disappeared and Tumatauenga is awakened by the bloodshed and violence of the modern world. He decides to wage a war against humanity and reclaim his glory, but he faces resistance from a lone warrior named Rautawhiri, who possesses a sacred weapon that belongs to Tumatauenga.

The movie is directed by Micah Timoti Matoe, a young Maori filmmaker who wanted to create a film that showcases the rich and ancient history of his people. He used his own resources and talents to produce the movie, which features stunning visual effects, epic battle scenes, and authentic Maori language and culture. The movie is inspired by the popular video game series God Of War, which features the Greek god of war Kratos as the protagonist.

God Of War Tumatauenga Full Movie


The movie has not been officially released yet, but it has gained a lot of attention and support from fans and critics alike. The movie has a trailer that was uploaded on YouTube in 2011, which has received over 700,000 views and positive comments. The movie also has a Facebook page that updates fans on the progress and news of the project. The movie is expected to be completed and released in 2023, according to the director.

God Of War Tumatauenga is a movie that aims to revive and celebrate the Maori culture and mythology, as well as to entertain and inspire audiences with its action-packed and thrilling story. It is a movie that showcases the creativity and passion of a young filmmaker who wants to share his vision with the world. It is a movie that you don't want to miss.


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