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No Mosquito

All Natural Dietary Supplement 

This is an all natural supplement designed to change the odor that your body emits.  Mosquitoes locate us from long distances by the carbon dioxide that we exhale, as they approach they use their sense of smell to detect if we are a desirable source of food.  By taking this all natural supplement we become undesirable to mosquitoes and other biting insects.  
Take 2 to 3 tablets, with food or a full bottle of water, 40mins to an hour before going outside.

For prolonged outdoor activities such as camping, take 2 tablets 3 times a day  
This product is 100% all natural.  

Manufactured by Vitalabs, Inc

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All Natural Dietary Supplement 

This is an all natural supplement designed to change the odor that your body emits.  Your game will no longer recognize your scent as danger or a red flag.  Just like our product, No Mosquito, this change in odor  at the same time makes you undesirable to mosquitoes. 

Cover scents and odor eliminators that we spray on our clothes only work for the material it comes in contact with.  Our bodies continue to release scent, so we are literally a walking human scent stick.  With Vanish we change that!  Now we are releasing scent that doesn’t alert game to our presence.  

Take 2 to 3 Tablets  with food or a full bottle of water, 40 mins to an hour before going into the woods.

Manufactured by Vitalabs, Inc

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Ingredient List

The combination of these all-natural ingredients is what makes No Mosquito and Vanish amazing supplements that will change the scent you emit to enhance your enjoyment of the outdoors.

Our products are made in the USA.

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How it Works

Life Outside is a family owned company, based out of South Carolina, of outdoor enthusiasts who passionately enjoy all aspects of the outdoors. Hiking, fishing, hunting, scuba diving, camping, nature walks, going to the beach, kayaking, picnics, or just sitting down and enjoying mother nature. 
(As founder,) Due to my love for the outdoors, I sat down years ago and thought about how nice it would be just to go outside and not have to be bothered by thousands of mosquitoes. After years of research and testing, our team has developed an all-natural supplement to ensure mosquitoes and other biting insects don’t feed off of you. 
Let’s think about a few things. We all know someone that is more prone to being eaten alive by mosquitoes than others. For me that person is my wife, mosquitoes will bite her through her jeans while I stand right next to her barely getting bit at all. Sure mosquitoes bite all of us, but why is it some people get attacked more than others? Well, it’s because we all smell different. Some individuals give off a scent that is more desirable to mosquitoes than others. Mosquitoes have an incredible sense of smell! 
Mosquitoes locate their next meal from long distances by the carbon dioxide we exhale. As they close in they smell the scent we give off and determine if we are a desirable food source. Then, when landing on their potential prey they taste their meal before biting. Yes, mosquitoes have the ability to taste through their legs. 
No Mosquito is an all-natural supplement that once taken makes the scent your body emits undesirable to mosquitoes and other biting insects. This combination of natural ingredients helps keep the mosquitoes off you without having to use bug spray or avoid your favorite outdoor activity all together. My wife now peacefully enjoys the outdoors without having to swat at mosquitoes. No Mosquito has been tested across the United States and in the Rain Forests of Costa Rica with great results. 
“How is that possible?” you might ask. Well, just about all of us have experienced this process already. Have you ever been around someone that consumes an excessive amount of adult beverages, or someone that really enjoys garlic, or often uses curry?, What about after eating asparagus? In all of the above examples we (humans with a sense of smell much less than a mosquito) can smell these odors coming from those individuals’ bodies. 
No Mosquito and Vanish work the same way. Our team has developed the proper combination of all-natural ingredients and delivery system so that when taken properly will allow you to change the odor your body emits. Subsequently, your scent will be undesirable to mosquitoes and unnoticeable to certain game animals that use their sense of smell to detect our presence. 
As an avid hunter throughout the development of this supplement, I not only tested it for mosquitoes but also tested the supplement in hunting situations. As most hunters know, you will get busted by your prey's sense of smell more than anything else, especially when it comes 
to deer hunting. Many hunters have tested Vanish with amazing results. The animals just don’t know you are there. 
For example, while using Vanish one hunter had a fox come from downwind of him, bed down less than 20 yards from the hunter's stand, and sleep for over an hour. Not a single hunter testing the supplement had an experience where the animal smelled them and ran off. Additionally, I myself had an amazing encounter with a whitetail buck at less than 2 yards away. I was on the ground when the buck walked up to me. I sat completely still and the deer could obviously see me but could not smell what I was. He was trying hard to get my scent, he kept lifting his head and sniffing the air, he was so close I could see his eye lashes. After a few minutes  - which seemed like a few hours - he just walked around me and went on his way. In over 20 years of hunting I have never experienced anything like that.  
No matter what outdoor activity you participate in try these supplements and peacefully enjoy the outdoors! 

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Great product. Those pills are amazing.  I've killed my biggest deer using this product and they were within 20 yards without smelling me.  And the mosquitoes, you see them flying everywhere but they never land on you at all.  I feel naked going into the woods without it.  It's a must have!

Bobby Garrett

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