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H R Model 732 Serial Number

H R Model 732 Serial Number: How to Identify and Date Your Revolver

If you own or are interested in buying a Harrington & Richardson (H&R) Model 732 revolver, you might want to know more about its history, features, and value. One of the easiest ways to do that is by looking at the serial number of your gun. The serial number can tell you when and where your revolver was made, as well as some of its specifications. In this article, we will explain how to find and decode the H R Model 732 serial number, and provide some resources for further research.

What is the H R Model 732 Revolver?

The H R Model 732 is a six-shot, double-action revolver chambered in .32 S&W Long. It was introduced in 1957 as a successor to the H&R Model 731, which was chambered in .32 S&W. The Model 732 features a swing-out cylinder, a fixed rear sight, and a ramp front sight. It has a blued finish and either wood or plastic grips. The barrel length is either 2.5 inches or 4 inches. The Model 732 was also known as "The Guardian" or "The Side-Kick". It was marketed as a reliable and affordable self-defense weapon for civilians.

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Where to Find the H R Model 732 Serial Number?

The serial number of the H R Model 732 revolver is located on the left side of the barrel, near the frame. It consists of two letters followed by five digits. For example, AH6453x. The letters indicate the year of manufacture, while the digits are the production number. The serial number may also be stamped on other parts of the gun, such as the butt of the grip frame or the yoke.

How to Decode the H R Model 732 Serial Number?

The first letter of the serial number corresponds to a decade, starting from A for the 1940s. The second letter corresponds to a specific year within that decade, starting from A for the first year and ending with Z for the last year. For example, AA means 1940, AB means 1941, AZ means 1949, BA means 1950, BB means 1951, and so on. The following table shows the letter codes for each decade and year:


First Letter


Second Letter














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